23 GGC Genesis Destiny

23-GGC Genesis Destiny

Destiny grew up in Philly in the former American tribe.  She had 3 cyborg brothers- cloned from robotic experiments with archaic reproductive magic—who made her tough as nails.  On Nymph she is a mechanic.  She can fix nuclear reactor engines, but robots are her specialty. In her free time she hikes, while learning as much as she can about the functioning of flora and fauna on Nymph.  As an auto didact all her life, once she arrives on Planet Nymph she begins learning about biomechanics, and organic engineering.  Clones can be born from the stomachs of robots, and the human race can be re-propagated in spite of the Professor’s male eugenics campaigns enacted on Earth.  Here the villain tried to breed out Y chromosomes to construct the world as his harem.  Destiny take son the role of creator-mechanic once on Nymph.

Desinty was our first watercolor.

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