catch of arctic char

A fresh start for summer season!

The summer nack in the 90s was great, despite the slowdown in the economy. In the wild there is no sense of longing for something to do, see and experience. The summer we had back then was wonderful with a few mosquitoes to bother our ways. People use the gillnet to catch our delicacy meal of the day- Arctic Char. 

However, the hard part come as we look through the length of nets which at times would be 100 -120 feet long. Our part time fishing would see us along the shoreline hoping to see a bunch of them running along the shoreline towards the sea. My plan of action would be go before the tide come in and soon the fish is plentiful (with a pair of shade glasses)as otherwise your squinting and missing the biggest fish passing you by.

Our method of fishing is old school, which works the best, although stay long enough with a rod-n-reel all day. How exciting the trips are as we change lures off and on, sometimes losing to a big one. My childhood days still fresh in my mind, I try my best to teach the young the ways of the fisherman with a rod-n-reel.

(To be continued).

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