COCOWA ISLAND 3D – The Most Beautiful Island on Metaverse!

Welcome to COCOWA ISLAND’s Shuge Villas which are high detailed 3D modeled on real size map.

COCOWA ISLAND, the best tropical isle in the Metaverse, is on market now! Shuge Villas located in the south coast of Cocowa Island with 350 villas in 11 types, 3 restaurants, social club, market and mini golf club are on sale starting from 0,5 ETH. Choose the villa that suits you on the 800 megapixel huge map at the website and own whichever you want.

Shuge Villas consist of 30 Bungalow Villas, 33 Mini Villas, 44 Midi Villas, 36 Maxi Villas, 24 Panorama Villas, 28 Terrace Villas, 39 Pool Villas, 45 Triplex Villas, 44 Twin Villas, 20 Exclusive Villas and 7 Premium Villas.

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Cliffs of Dover

Cliffs of Dover

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