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Doge Beer #3


Doge Beer is on sale NOW!!

Run before someone buy it before you!!

We have modified the web, you have more information about the project.

We solve some problems about web hosting and now it doesn’t given more errors.

Why do you have to buy/invest in CryptoDrinks NFTs?

·We are the First Digital Liquor Store in the world.

·We hope to make a big impact in the NFT world because we do a hard work and we want to work with big brands.

·Our system is made for the following NFTs to be with a higher price.

·Whoever buys one of our NFTs will have the link to download the original file in PNG format.

·For the person who buys our NFTs can request a video (mp4) of the 3D file of the NFT that she/he has bought (must contact us by Email, Instagram or Twitter).

·We will have special editions that will be correlated with the movements made by the big cryptocurrencies.

·All special editions will be made by auctions for the minimum price of the group to which it belongs.

·We want collaborate with other NFT artists.

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