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EYE – NFTARTwork auction start with $1!!!

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

Mahatma Gandhi

L!nes is the first collection with generative ART based on mathematical formulas. A completely self-contained software program is written for each exclusive Artwork.

L!NES is an modern ART experiment. All pieces are generative ART, each piece of ART is unique and written with lines of mathematical code. The formula imput x / y to get lines visualization. With different parameters allowed us to make the output more exclusive.

The L!NES were orginally created in 2020/2021 by our ART_team. After making 250 pieces of art (more then +250 K lines of code) we stopped writing code for this ART forever, they now are only available on the secondary market. All pieces start with 1Ξ.

We deployed the project to the Ethereum blockchain, it’s important to not that we believe in the best blockchain. There aren’t any other ART pieces (2022) like L!NES on Opensea. Your ownership is unique and exclusive. Art auto generated with mathematical code is a new form of NFT_art. L!NES is the first collection on Opensea that uses mathematical code for their ARTcollection. This is a crucial difference from art generated on the Blockchain with a generator. It allows a guarantee of ownership that’s unique in form, size and independent.

We can’t promise that someone else can’t make the same ART, because the code is mathematical and a genius can do this. This would be a copy…

Some fees directly will went to charity. In one of our families the mother of 2 children has cancer. They know what it is to live with cancer. We support the charity organisations for cancer. Other fees and profit will be used to pay our ART teachers for this project. We teach students that NFT’s & ART is a way of living. We make them aware of the dangers and try to inspire them to create their own happiness.

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