Gods crystal 1

God's crystal

Crystals of different types are mentioned in the Bible a few times. The Bible mentions rubies (Proverbs 8:11), sapphires (Lamentations 4:7), and topaz (Job 28:19), for example. The breastplate worn by the Levitical high priest contained twelve stones, each engraved with the name of a tribe of Israel: “The first row was carnelian, chrysolite and beryl; the second row was turquoise, lapis lazuli and emerald; the third row was jacinth, agate and amethyst; the fourth row was topaz, onyx and jasper. They were mounted in gold filigree settings” (Exodus 39:10–13). The river flowing from the heavenly throne is “as clear as crystal” (Revelation 22:1), the area before the throne is something like “a sea of glass, clear as crystal” (Revelation 4:6), and “spread out above the heads of the living creatures was what looked something like a vault, sparkling like crystal, and awesome” (Ezekiel 1:22). The Bible never assigns any mystical properties to crystals.

Besides being beautiful mineral structures, crystals are used in the practice of crystal healing, a pseudoscience that purports to heal various ailments. According to crystal healers, the careful placing of crystals on a patient’s body is supposed to line up with or stimulate the body’s chakras and promote healing.

Some people also believe that crystals have an inherent power that can be harnessed and used to their benefit. Some use crystals to ward off evil spirits or bad energy and thus bring good luck. Crystals are sometimes used in feng shui, in the belief that they emanate good vibrations. Crystals that absorb too much bad energy in the process of protecting a home must be “cleansed” to reset the vibrations.

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