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Guilty Gators Penthouse Club, We're Open for Business!

The Guilty Gators are making their way onto the blockchain and are ready for you to join The Swamp! With over 170+ traits, The Guilty Gators are a collection of 10,000 provably unique ERC-721 NFTs stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. As only 10,000 Gators are available (for now) we highly recommend joining The Penthouse as early as you can!

Join our Discord to find out how to gain access to Whitelist (while it lasts) and maybe even nab a Gator before release! This includes giveaways, competitions, Twitter raids, and more! 

you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

-Tobiyus, Welcome to the SWAMPVER$E.

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Funkopoly Gallery

This #ArtDrop happens to be verified to be sponsored by us in different Social Networks and our own Database for having qualified in its Artistic style – NO COST APPLIES – https://t.me/Funkopoly
You can send any additional information by D.M. to Twitter:
https://twitter.com/FunkoPoly We wish you the best of luck!


NFT Fractals | Fractal #196 | 0.03 ETH


NFT Fractals | Fractal #195