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How to participate in an NFT poll?

When you log in to your account, you will be directed to the home page of The home page serves as the main hub for all of the features and services that the platform offers. Here, you can easily navigate to all of the sections and pages of the platform. On the top row of the home page, you will see a list of NFTs. These NFTs are the winners of previous voting polls that were conducted by the platform’s community members. The NFTs are displayed prominently to highlight their significance and as a way of recognizing the collective power of the community to shape the NFT landscape. The platform values the feedback and preferences of its community members, and the display of these winning NFTs reflects that commitment. The display of the winning NFTs on the home page serves as a testament to the platform’s focus on community engagement and highlights the impact that community members can have on the platform’s direction and offerings. 

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How to participate in a poll

Below this list, you will find the latest ongoing polls in which community members can participate. This section provides a quick and easy way for users to stay up to date with the latest ongoing polls and actively engage in voting. By participating in the polls, community members have a direct say in the NFTs that are offered on the platform, which helps to create a sense of community ownership and investment. The platform has multiple active polls displayed horizontally on the home page. Here’s how to participate in a poll:

Select one of the polls:

To participate in a poll, you can start by selecting one of the active polls featured on the home page. These polls may cover a range of topics or categories and may include various NFT options for community members to vote on.

Once you’ve selected a poll, you can then rotate the carousel by scrolling left or right to view all of the NFT options available in that poll. This carousel feature allows you to easily browse through the different NFT options and get a sense of what’s available.

Choose your favourite NFT

Based on your personal preferences and opinions, you can choose the NFT that you think is the best option in the poll. This could be based on factors like visual appeal, rarity, or other considerations.

Cast your vote:

Once you’ve selected your favorite NFT, you can then cast your vote in the poll. This vote will contribute to the overall results of the poll and help to determine which NFT is ultimately selected as the winner.

By following these steps, community members can actively engage with the platform, have a direct say in the NFTs that are offered, and contribute to the sense of community ownership and investment that the platform is working to foster.

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