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How to Restore the Symbolic Meaning of Earth

The Symbocoin Collection is a virtual collection of symbols in 3D, which was born out of the idea that symbols are immutable and immortal language. The coin collection consists of 1,999 symbols that cover the most populated regions in the world such as Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Each coin, which is a 3D NFT item itself, consists of views containing the symbol for each region.

Symbocoin is a NFT collection that connects our past and future in which symbols are unchanging in the mother tongue of people in the past, in the present, and in the future. The original meaning of the word “symbol” is “A sign or action that shows or represents something.” Symbols are expressions of meaning, stories, feelings, words, images, sounds… It is important to go back to our childhood when I watched my father dig a coin with a shovel while eating his favorite food.

Astrology — Virgo

Earth as a source of our life is a unique symbolic asset. In the cryptosphere, the Earth is not simply a simple coin. Embedding the Earth with numerous symbols and creating a comprehensive NFT collection system, we will create an interactive collection system that gives you opportunities to connect with the important and classic symbols and monuments across the globe. At this point it does not matter if we like or dislike symbols and monuments of the past; they are essential elements of culture and human history. We can live on without them, but it will impoverish our cultural heritage.

Flowers — Iris

In short terms, the Symbocoin is a collection of global symbols that contain the symbol story of earth. In future, by using this collection, people will be able to remember the story of every symbol in the world (collect them), communicate with each other across countries (via symbols), and examine our history (via symbols).

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