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Hello New Friend,

I’ve been a conceptual poet since about 1990,  using video, photography, & sound for my cross-platform works. My  poetry has been published (two books, one chapbook) & my installation work has been in galleries & other public spaces. I’m  also a filmmaker – shooting, directing, producing, scoring, and editing –  I like experimenting & understanding various aspects of manifesting my projects. About a year ago, a friend told me that creating NFTs would be right up my alley so I started delving into the community & learning all I can.

He was right – it is up my alley. I love the idea of blockchain and its potential. I love the community that has arisen around NFTs. I love the thought that creators can possibly make a living with their purpose, rather than commissions or spending their time & talent making money for others. I love being a part of now & the future so that I feel like I have some autonomy & usefulness in the direction it takes. 

Because I’m hoping this stage of my life will manifest abundance for myself and  for the potential of my work, I decided to use the name Aurosum in the metaverse. It’s Latin for golden and that’s my aspiration – to be enlightened, to shine, & to contribute richness in my world. Just last week, I dropped my first project, Nighttime Physicks, involving moody evening scenes, science fun, &  existential whatevs. 12 pieces include composite stills, animated gifs, a house music/poem track, & a mini filmpoem. 

Thanks for reading a little about me. I’m open to more questions or feel free to read my artist’s statement or bio on my website should anyone be interested in knowing details about my projects. 

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