Asphalt Nymphs – F1 01 – Aiza Adams


Category: Art


At first glance, Aiza Adams was a quiet and modest girl with a very kind and sympathetic personality. She grew up among Neapolitan peasants and was the center of attention from an early age. The most perceptive witnesses of her earthly presence speculated her to be a Masonic bastard, and her distinctive features clearly pointed toward her ancient noble lineage. Such a lively and gorgeous young woman was bound to be noticed, and she soon caught the eye of a publisher for “Fashion and Desperation” - the most popular magazine of that time. Aiza had an unusual trait: the sight of blood would send her into a bizarre state of excitement. Photographers, being professionals of their craft, were quick to discern the subtle beauty of her terror. They would always bring her on the most phantasmagoric shoots, after driving her into delirium via various means, that sometimes were truly shocking