Asphalt Nymphs – F1 07 – Natalie Gordon


Category: Art


The magnificent opera singer Natalie Gordon wielded the Siren’s voluptuous voice and Aphrodite’s beauty. Her sweet singing brought withering bodies back to life, curing any malignant ailment. The hem of her sumptuous dress covered the entire orchestra pit, and the musicians, inspired by the sight of her diamond’s curls, performed with masterful enthusiasm. Countless desperate gazes were lost forever in her sacred bush. The oddball conductor often grazed her labia with his baton while profusely foaming at the mouth. Quivering violinists were reverently stroking her noble pubes strung on their violins like a tight bowstring. Flutists and trumpeters frantically rolled their eyes in a sweet drowsiness induced by her enchanting voice, and sucked on their instruments, involuntarily secreting gallons of drool. The sound waves from hundreds of musical instruments deafeningly resonated in her crotch, passing through her entire body and merging into a divine symphony that emanated from her larynx.