FPC 1/8. Unexpected unlockable

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Category: Art


First of the eight limited crypto artwork experiences from the "Future Perfect Continuous" collection. The zeitgeist of this artwork experience narrates extreme fiat currency devaluation. Homeless boomer leans for a slice of rusty pizza through the waste bin full of banknotes. Everybody is throwing them away. Cold pizza, even with a pineapple on it, has more value. It can be eaten at least (Of course, after you throw away all pineapples). See that ad? Paper recycling centres offering more Ether in exchange for regular paper and carton than for fiat monies. Fiat just doesn't make sense. It's even bad for RECYCLING. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oh, almost forgot. Please don't try to scan the QR code. There is nothing in there. Really. Nothing. You don't have to scan it. Please stop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unlockable: 1) 5000x5000px original file. Can be printed and hanged in your master bedroom (exclusively) 2) Something else. A