God 389 by Baugasm


Category: Art


God 389: “God 389” in this artwork created by Vasjen (Baugasm), is claiming it's confidence and determination. Blue color represents both sky and sea, and is associated with freedom, which our God owns. God's of RGB: In this collection of Artworks, Vasjen aka Baugasm sees this portraits and the gods of colors and gradients. Each God has a color which represents their dominating colors, and waht they stand for. Some are responsible for the gradients of all artists, and color combinations. These gods bring joy and guidance to every artist and creator. Baugasm: Vasjen Katro, popularly known as Baugasm is a prolific freelance visual designer and art director. He started designing at the young age of 14. After being inspired by Electronic music, he went full swing into design and began designing his own covers for the label he was part of. He discovered that Art is