Panel 2: Riddle of the sphinx by Patton Ado


Category: Art


Panel 2: Riddle of the sphinx: In the upper section of the second panel, a great Metropolis is pictured, strewn with common superheroes: Rorschach, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Superman and Lois Lane in the embrace. Behind them is the Planet Apokolips and a red, white, and blue Darkseid. A baby plays to the side. In the middle section, the band of communication evolves, and ‘intellect’ begins, the roots of the Metropolis are clung to by a Religious Zealot, a Laborer, and a Soldier. In the lower section, reality looms. Pictured are: steel mills and scenes of industry, early philosophers studying their books, a set of teachers with their pupils, a pair of hands holding a bag of drugs, Billie Holiday, and a Cuban Refugee ship and the raft from Lost (2004 ABC Show) floating in the sea. To the side is a young Black baby, with waves washing towards