Panel 3: Riddle of the sphinx by Patton Ado


Category: Art


Panel 3: Riddle of the sphinx: Throughout the middle panel, the two intersecting bands of images, representing communication, intellect, and culture, collide. Out of the water splashing across all five panels emerges a man. Patton Ado: Born and raised in Maryland, I am now located in the neighborhood of Highlandtown, Baltimore. I am self-taught and have been painting since I was 12 years old. Throughout my life I was surrounded by art and artists. My great-grandmother was an oil painter, my grandmother works with stained glass, and my great-grandfather was a multi-disciplinary visual artist who worked with various mediums. Growing up around all of this made it easy to absorb creativity and find inspiration from a young age. I grew up obsessed with comic book art, fashion designs, and TV shows, and film. When I was younger, I wanted to be an actor or a director. Underlying all of