Pravda #5

Transport yourself to a world of exhilaration and captivating rhythm with this extraordinary NFT artwork. Let me, the artist behind this NFT masterpiece, share ... [read more]


Ether 0.01 ETH
Foundation (FND) Foundation (FND)
Category: Art


This collection is based on a true story. The photography collection “Pravda” reveals the life-story of a photographer, arrested for shooting models without Islamic hijab in an extremist religious country. Non-observance of hijab is considered “fesad” – “corruption”. The photographer who shoots and publishes photos could be known as a “propagandist of corruption” and as a result can be punished for death. imprisoned photographer is frustrated, upset and wonders “why? I am just an artist!” and “why should I be imprisoned for my art?! Sometimes he draws own dreams and imagines being free and photographing and at the same time, the sound of the door opening take him out of that dreams ! He lives in a dichotomy of hope and despair, writes letters to God every day, and believes that he will be saved. This Collection Photographed by Sam Yari and presented to the public at the