Scammed Ape by Laffpro

There are images that transcend the boundaries of ordinary perception, captivating the viewer with their vibrant colors and evocative compositions. Such is the ... [read more]


Category: Art


Yesterday I was Scammed by very nifty Discord Scammers and it left me frustrated ... so I tried to transcend those emotions into this artwork. Lesson learned, never click anything in DMs, check your sources, and then, check them again! NFT Community is a wonderful place that is filled with awesome people, creative artists, and wonderful societies, but there are always some dark-minded individuals that would love to ruin it for everyone else. Don't fell into their traps, learn from others' mistakes, question everything and Stay safe! This is a Unique [1/1] Audio VIsual NFT Art to raise awareness, minted exclusively on Foundation. Laffpro ❤️