SS3 White Claw

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Category: Art


"White Claw" Signature Series #3 1/1 4000x4000px//300dpi White Claw is a very wise and very old bear. He didn't struggle to catch fish like some of the younger bears. Instead he just let them come to him. He never exerted more energy than necessary and you could tell that every movement was mastered by him through decades of experience. He was also one of the friendliest bears I've been around. This particular day he allowed me to be with him for almost the entire day. It was a truly magical experience and one I will cherish forever. I plan on returning to this location in 2022 and I fear that with his age, he may not be there to greet me. The thought alone brings tears to my eyes as I write this. White Claw is the quintessential example of how badly bears are misunderstood and