Super Flower Blood Moon FOMO

In the vast expanse of cosmic artistry, where dreams unfurl and wonders emerge, the NFT creation titled "Super Flower Blood Moon FOMO" emerges as a luminous tes... [read more]

Category: Art


As an astrophotographer when I look up at the moon on a clear night I scream with some burning rage, like why dude, why you gotta wash out the stars like that? This and the fact that the lunar eclipse was greatest at around 11:20pm on a work night I was just going to sleep through this. But seeing everyone's stories about this thing happening I developed FOMO and decided to give moon photography a crack and I'm glad I did I don't have the best gear for shooting the moon but did the best with the tools I had and happy with the results. No deep meaning here other than that you miss every shot you don't take