little tiger 2

Little tiger 2

Black tigers are real.  

It’s rare to see melanistic or black tigers, since none have been recorded in zoos.  However, some tigers have such thick stripes that they appear to have a solid black coat.

Tigers are symbolic animals. 

Throughout history, tigers have been seen as a symbol of fighting spirit and power.  Some Asian communities also see tigers as a symbol of intelligence, mystery, and power. These villages have regarded tigers as their domain’s undisputed rulers.

Each tiger has a unique scent.  

Aside form their distinct stripes, tigers have individualized glands that give off unique. This gives them the ability to mark their territories and declare it as their own to others.

Tigers cannot enjoy sweet treats.  

All cat species have taste buds like us. However, their taste buds cannot recognize sweetness. Even if you feed them sweet products and meals, they won’t be able to detect it with their tongue.

Tigers could die from starvation. 

Humans could go for 30-40 days without food. However, tigers could starve to death in 2 weeks without proper sustenance. This is mainly due to its immense size and appetite.

Their tongue bristles allow tigers to cup more water to drink. 

Animals lap their tongue to drink but tigers could only flick the droplets of water into their muzzles.  Unlike other cat species, tigers are equipped with thick, spiky tongue bristles – which makes it harder for them to lap water like other cat species.

A tiger’s territory can span at least 400km. 

Tigers have large territories, marking it with their scent to communicate with other tiger species that they are within their range.  

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