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A 3D rendering of an empty Museum hall

L!NES generative ART collection

Buy your #LINES ART for only 0.0035 ETH.L!nes is an exclusive ART_collection with generative ART based on mathematical formulas on the Ethereum Blockchain. A completely self-contained software program is written for each exclusive Artwork. Mint here:

Price starts with 0.0035 Ξ Project L!NES | All pieces are generative ART, each piece of ART is unique and written with lines of mathematical code. The formula imput x / y to get lines visualization.#LINES #generativeart

Ownership is unique and exclusive. Art auto generated with mathematical code is a new form of NFT_art. L!NES is the first collection on Opensea that uses mathematical code for their ARTcollection.

The L!NES were orginally created in 2020/2021 by our ART_team. After making 159 pieces of art (more then +250 K lines of code) we stopped writing code for this ART forever, they now are only available on this site for minting and after that on the secondary market.

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