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Martian Misfit's Collection

Hey NFT Aggregator Fam!

I just wanted to share the story of the Martian Misfit’s with you. It’s an exclusive collection of 5,555 unique ERC-721 NFT’s. Issued on a smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain:

NFT’s of the notorious Martian population, also known as the party kings of the universe. They were kicked out from Mars because of their misfit behaviour. They’re always drunk or tired. Now they are looking for shelter on earth, a new home. The depreciation will be on November 5th this year. Some will arrive already on October 30th for a short pre-sale season, since it is not possible to keep all of them in quarantine at once. They are way too crazy. Would you adopt one and party with him?

Watch the 3D teaser to get hyped:

We all know that we are somehow special and sometimes misfitted. The Martians too. Algorithmically generated from over 200 unique hand drawn assets. Coming with all kind of accessoires, clothing, eyes, hairstyles and alot more. 

Join the community to check the collector benefits!

Official Website:

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adriano cadau
adriano cadau

great drawings


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