The world is my Horns MITRA NIGHT


MITRA NIGHT IS DIGITAL ARTWORK BASE ON THE ORIGINAL PAINTING CALLED “MITRA, ALL OF THE WORLD IS MY HORNS” ABOUT ORIGINAL PAINTING PAINTED BY RAMBOD ABDI FAKHRAI: The concept was a nostalgic feeling of ancient Persian mythology as the origin of so many things today is usually in a ritual of our urban life. Figures and faces in movies that we know today as modern culture lifestyle designs, etc, I tried to paint the mystical figure of old Mitras as third gender ancient god which was in her or his tradition as guardian and judge afterlife standing middle of Shinot bridge which in the mythological story of Mira, she or he standing with Mitra’s sword to judge people afterlife. I make this image of her or his horns growing and controlling the mystical world of mankind and everything becoming understood with touching her or his finger! when somebody lucking at his or her painting, and transfer that idea to people that they could be judged by the mystical creature which returns from the past of our civilization to judge us today!.

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Wizard aka Oliver Meyer

This is awesome 😎 Love it !!!


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