Naya 9

Naya in Bali 3 #1/4

Collection “Naya in Bali #3”

Naya in Bali 3 #1/4

Number Minted: 1

Featured Artist: André Priebs

Medium: All photos were taken with Sony A77ii

Unlockable Content: Link to high resolution printable TIFF file

File Specifications: File Type: JPG / Size: 2.70 MB / Image Size: 1999 x 3000 / Orientation: Vertical Location / Date: Bali, Indonesia, April 2019

*Please note that ownership of this NFT does not denote ownership of the commercial rights to the content within. Ownership of the commercial rights to the content within is to remain with the original creator/artist of said content.

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PicsArt 11 11 08.59.26

Black Pride.

DSC01809 10 11 Detailed

Sunrise on Gili Air