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NFTYSKATEBOARDS is a tribute to the great art and subculture that emerged around skateboarding in the last 50 years

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There has been endless iconic graphics and great artworks created just to be shredded on the next curb.

The skateboard in it’s pure form with all it’s awesome outgrowths is what this collection is about.

Every item is a high quality MP4 Animation (1080x1080px Loop) numbered with it’s unique code of the release count to give every boarda unique attribute. As artists, skateboard companies and everybody at the core of skateboarding is encouraged to join, the collection will grow with new boards and specials over time.

Enjoy your travel through skateboard history and have fun discovering our collection!

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unnamed 2 1

The Aging of Vincent van Gogh

NFT 083 AGGROS Board City Kids 1

nftyskateboards NFT#083 – "AGGROS – City Kids"