Angel prays 2

Angel prays for peace

Prayer to my Guardian Angel

Help me to achieve God’s plan.

Guardian angel protect me at night and day!

Hear my prayer when I pray!

Please protect me with your light

and never lose me from your sight.

Your light makes my aura brighter

Your presence makes me a better man

Help me when life gets rough

Talk with me through the silence,

Your voice is so mild

like mother’s words good night

which she says trying not to wake up her child.

Help me to understand your signs

Help me to understand your guidelines

Guide me on the path of peace and light

Protect me in the darkest night.

When night curtain covers a land
and when the dream time approaches
I will call my guardian angel
and ask him to keep me from evil.

Give me your blessing before the sleep
and keep my family safe
Mighty sword and shield stand on my heart
keep me from all evil and be my light

Prayer on my lips wins the darkness
and spoken in silence enriches the soul
When I fall asleep I beg you to stay
and guide me safely into a new day.

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