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Salvation – Scifi Sevens

What happened to the world that was full of hope? What happened to the land that promised a future? When was the last time we were truly happy? When was the last time we smiled? I remember a life before this, before we became malignant., before we went cold in our hearts. I remember showing you how much i loved you, but you were too ambitious for things that didn’t matter. You see what’s happened to the world, LOOK AT IT, there’s nothing left, but isolation. The things that you cared for is just sand now. We are all that remains. What should we feed on if not love? If there is anything left for us, its in the past. Its where we look for sanity. The past is our reminiscence. The past is our hope, our escape from the desolation we created for ourselves. I’ll  tell you this what i told you back then and if its not too late, maybe, this cry will reach you in time. “I am here, looking out, from up above, for something that captivates me, that forces me to jump head on  into the mystery, into the simplicity of it all because there is nothing and nobody that can absolve me of the sins I have committed. Please come, walk towards me. I yearn redemption and I know you do too. Salvation is our only way out, I know this. So let’s forge one last path together before we turn to dust, for there is no fate but what we make.”

Sci-fi Sevens is the third compositional artwork series with kalamint. This series will contain 7 single editions. The prices may range from 15-25 tez.

Resolution – 3240-x4050

Format – PNG

File Size – 18.2mb

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