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Score NFT was just released!

MINT NOW! Starting at 0 ETH


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Score NFT was just released! Mint the most expensive Ethereum transactions as NFTs. Fully ON-CHAIN and FAIR launch: 1 FREE MINT for every participant! Record this crazy part of the history of cryptocurrency and digital money!


  • Beautiful retro visual style that simulates an arcade game score screen on an old CRT display
  • Unique traits as color schemes, animated background templates, and old tv screen artifacts
  • SVG File Format with vectorized art and texts. Infinite vector resolution!
  • NFT image Generated/stored on-chain. No third parties mean perpetual preservation of your asset. You will never miss your “JPEG” because of unpaid hosting services.

About Score:

In 2021 we saw Ethereum reach insane gas prices, and paying for transactions 100$ or more has become a reality for every crypto user.

We know this pain will cease soon with the next Ethereum upgrade, but we can’t let this historic crypto moment become forgotten in the future

SCORE is a 10k NFT series that reflects the most expensive transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each participant can mint their transactions as unique NFTs.
Record this crazy part of the history of cryptocurrency and digital money!

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