SUNDAY Special 1/1 from Cardano Noodz



SUNDAY Special: 1/1 Sunday Noodz

Artist: diarpi

Collection: Fall Blend

Summary: Taste of the Seasons


“Sunday Morning” is a song by the Velvet Underground. It is the opening track on their 1967 debut album The Velvet Underground & Nico. It was also released as a single in 1966. The song is written in the key of F major.

According to Lou Reed, the song’s theme was suggested by Andy Warhol. “Andy said, ‘Why don’t you just make it a song about paranoia?’ I thought that was great so I came up with ‘Watch out, the world’s behind you, there’s always someone watching you,’ which I feel is the ultimate paranoid statement in that the world cares enough to watch you.”

Nood best served with a musical pairing:

  • “Sunday Morning,” by The Velvet Underground

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