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TheSins : website & giveaway

Hey you NFTeers !

We wanted to present you our newly updated website :

The mint starts on January 7 at 6:00p.m UTC ! Don’t miss your try.

Also, check out our @TWITTER  (GIVEAWAY IN PROGRESS) and share your thoughts in the comments 😀

Want to know more ?
The Sins NFT will launch a set of 666 hand-drawn hellish environments featuring 7 sins that are all 100% exclusive.
Additionally, we have kept a little secret that will be revealed after MINT starts (for the #666 – can you guess what it will be ?)

Oh, and if someone obtains the 7 sins, he will probably LOVE our secret much more than everyone *-)

Want to ask more ?
Join us on Telegram => TheSins telegram

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