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TomThumb Mint Sales

Hi We are XDCreators

“Crypto Tom Thumbs” is our recent new job, a collection with more than ¡10K well designed NFTs! with a big promotion work on the most importants social networks.

Only for this first mint week (Jan24th-Jan31th) we have 50% discounts on our NFTs

This collection count with 4 Tiers according to the elements that each NFT has. Quality varies from one to another Tier:

Tier 1 – Common (x<40pts) 

Tier 2 – Rare (39<x<75 pts) 

Tier 3 – Super rare (74<x<95 pts) 

Tier 4 -Almost imposible (x>94)

A system of points that evaluates each trait is what gives the Tom Thumb its rarity. The sum of the points provided by each trait causes the NFT to be assigned a spot in one of the rarity ranges. 

The exact score of the TomThumb won’t be revealed until it is already bought, and it’s going to be specified on the Unlockable content section.

Lets see if you can own the biggest scores on each range!
We have already programmed a lot of interesting events in the calendary for the next and future days.


-¡Juicy Discounts periods!

-¡Uniques Tom Thumbs!


We have to announce that for the benefit of our buyers, each time you buy one of our new collection NFTs, you’ll get a key for a purchase certification link on the unlockable content section

Certificate link:


We assure our buyers constant presence on the social networks and promotion of their Tom Thumbs re-sales.

We want you to win with this purchase

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