Natural Wonder Wax collection

WAX NFT collection: naturewonder

This is an NFT collection of voxel illustration of Natural Wonders. 33 natural wonders & anomalies have been captured in voxelated form. All are rendered in high-res isometric form.

Collection: naturewonder

About: 33 Voxel illustrations of various natural wonders & anomalies.

Network: WAXP

Template limite:30

On Sale:1st Editions (29 available)

Price: 10 WAX

marketplace: Atomichub

Illustration includes:

  1. Chocolate Hills
  2. Cliffs of Dover
  3. Crater Lake
  4. Dead Sea
  5. Delicate Arch
  6. Eye of Sahara
  7. Eyjafjallajökull
  8. Galapagos Island
  9. Giant’s Causeway
  10. Gobustan
  11. Great Barrier Reef (Isometric)
  12. Great Barrier Reef (Top Down)
  13. Ha long Bay
  14. Lake Retba
  15. Lysefjord
  16. Mato Tipila
  17. Matterhorn
  18. Mount Everest (Sold)
  19. Mount Kilimanjaro
  20. Mount Roraima
  21. Mount Vesuvius
  22. Pammukale
  23. Pantanal
  24. Pinnacle
  25. PioPiotahi
  26. Sahara el Beyda
  27. Torres Del Paine
  28. Tsingy de Bemaraha (Sold)
  29. Ubsunur Hollow
  30. Vinaland (Sold)
  31. Yosemite national park (Sold)
  32. Zhangye Danxia

You can follow the entire project on my Behance profile

link: Natural Wonders (Voxelated Illustration) on Behance

or my DeviantArt gallery

link: UlfrciStromcloak – Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

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