genesis II

In the realm of digital art, NFTs have emerged as a groundbreaking phenomenon, revolutionizing the way we perceive and collect artworks. Within this ever-evolvi... [read more]

Category: Art


The Beast was an ancient being, born from the land itself as the world bloomed into being. All other beings respected the Beast, as he had balanced the land in accordance with the heavens. As with all other beings who hold great prestige, the Beast had grown restless and tired of his routine. The Wyrm whispered secrets to The Beast, promising him a world in which his will would be absolute and the hearts of all other beings would be bent into total submission. The Beast knew that it was well within his power to do as the Wyrm wished, and pondered the divine order that had failed so many. As the Beast drank, reflecting upon the words of the Wyrm, he saw a being unlike any other. This being was also imbued with the gifts of the heavens, and the Beast watched as it filled his mind with visions