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  • What is trendhub?

    trendhub is a new type of social media platform that doesn't just focus on playing media in a social media post to create a basis for discussion. trendhub instead offers a virtual 3D multimedia space that combines several social media posts on a topic to create a broader discussion. trendhub offers a new way of consuming, exploring and discussing topics in a more multi-layered way.

    In any virtual space, every Like after community interaction leads to a clear result, which is recorded in clear indicators from which a trend can be derived. In the future, this trend will be used to gain clearer insights into many areas of daily life and business around the world.

    The users who create the trend will participate financially in the value creation of the content and will also be remunerated through a non-manipulable distribution system of digital goods. This breaks down the traditional power structure in social media networks.

  • How do I create a Hub on trendhub?

    To create a Hub, click on the ‘Create Hub’ button on the main page, define your Hub title and thematic question, add items with detailed descriptions, and set your Hub's privacy settings and active timeframe. 

  • Can I make my Hub private?

    Yes, you have the option to make your Hub private, which will be visible only to users with an invitation code, or you can make it publicly accessible for all users on trendhub. 

  • How does the voting system work?

    Each user has one vote or like to give to any item within a Hub. Votes are tied to tokens, which get transferred to the Hub's account and are distributed to winners at the end of the Hub's lifecycle. 

  • How are rewards distributed?

    Rewards are distributed based on the total likes an item receives. Users who voted for the most-liked items win a share of the Hub Balance according to a fair distribution key. 

  • What are Hubs used for?

    Hubs can be used for discussions, competitions, games, polls, presentations, challenges, stories, reviews, and more, providing a versatile platform for community engagement. 

  • Can I add multimedia to my items?

    Yes, you can add various types of media to your items, such as images, audio files, and code snippets, through a gift container feature. 

  • Is there a mobile version of trendhub?

    trendhub is designed to work seamlessly across all devices. The content, including the 3D carousel display, is consistent on both desktop and mobile platforms. 

  • How do I engage my community with my Hub?

    You can engage your community by creating compelling content, initiating discussions, and incentivizing participation with rewards from your Hub Balance. 

  • What insights can I gain from creating a Hub?

    As a Hub creator, you can collect valuable data on user preferences and trends based on their interaction with your Hub's content. 

  • Can I share my Hub on social media?

    Yes, you can share your Hub on various social media platforms using the share buttons provided on the Hub page. 

  • How can I manage my profile?

    You can manage your profile through the 'Profile' page, where you can edit your information, track your Hubs, and manage your engagement and rewards. 

  • What happens if my item does not receive any votes?

    Items that do not receive votes do not qualify for rewards distribution. However, they still provide valuable insights into user preferences. 

  • Can I use trendhub for business purposes?

    Absolutely. Businesses can use trendhub for product management surveys, customer engagement, and to gain insights into market trends. 

  • How can I get help if I encounter issues?

    For any assistance, you can contact trendhub support through the Help and Support section, which provides resources and contact information for additional help.