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Fixing several bugs & improve existing functions

planned from 19.02.24-07.03.24

Improvement hub page with main page integration

planned from 19.02.24-21.03.24

User interest AI functions

planned from 21.03.24-22.04.24

Hub Data insights Dashboard

planned from 23.04.24-06.05.24

AI learning user interest and problems to suggest hub creations

planned from 06.05.24-27.05.24

Sales Potential and Value Score improvement

planned from 28.05.24-10.06.24

Keyword-based ad system to invite users to hubs

planned from 11.06.24-23.09.24

AI based fully automatically hub creation

planned from 24.09.24-25.11.24

19 February 2024


Feedback Page: Dynamic user feedback voting system. The possibility to bring ideas to realization based on the number of Votes by the community. As well as the listing of the resulting changelog & roadmap.

19 February 2024
14 February 2024


Multi Hub Creation: The option of connecting several hubs in a multihub creation process.

14 February 2024
18 January 2024

V.2.0 – trendhub.one

Single Hub Creation with the possibility of creating digital multimedia items. This results in the following model for trendhub based on NFTchoice:

A new type of social media platform that focus on a virtual 3D multimedia spaces that combines several social media posts on a topic. Every Like after community interaction leads to a clear result, which is recorded in clear indicators from which a trend can be derived. The users who create the trend will participate financially in the value creation of the content and will also be remunerated through a non-manipulable distribution system of digital goods.

18 January 2024
10 July 2023

V.1.0 – NFTchoice.io – NFT Rating System based on real user engagement

NFT import, automatic NFT selection for poll, poll 3D carousel design with dynamic boxes for social engagement, NFT description and comment section & algorithm uNSN token distribution

10 July 2023
01 August 2022

Development of NFTchoice.io

Conception, Dev Team Building & start of the technical implementation.

01 August 2022
12 July 2022

Idea of NFTchoice.io

The idea of an NFT rating system based on real user engagement.

12 July 2022