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Nft drop



We are so excited to announce the Launch of $META token on the Polygon Network backed by Polygon Studios  And ❤️ The Drop of our 10 $META COLLECTION nfts tonight on opensea …… A token with real World utility and giving . The first 10 Investors will receive 100 $META and cement themselves into our 10 founders Club 💎🥇🏆

This token rewards our holder with Token airdrops, rare nft drops and 25% of each sale goes directly to The Girls Club of the Lower Eastside of New York. 👉🏾 https://www.girlsclub.org


Building the bridge to the future through art and community While creating wealth among ourselves . 

The only success is when we are all winning and working as one supporting the grassroots as we do…..Our Founder Ian Knife is committed to mentorship programs and is currently giving workshops in the Lower Eastside with people of all ages wanting to learn basic blockchain fundamentals .

MARKET CAP 🚀 $1,000,000,000

FOUNDER 🚀 100 $META  – EARLY SUPPORTERS rewards await

FREE 💎100 $META AIRDROP 👉🏻  https://www.coinvise.co/KnifeNFT 

come on and join us and grab some $META TOKEN to start off this journey with us.

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