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Smadar Lomnitz's little story

When was born, there were no refrigerators in the houses, only ice cabinets. TV only came when I was 6. When I was 35, in digital art studies, I cried in the Photoshop test because I did not understand anything. Today I am immediately 62 years old, behind a few years of working in a studio and animation studio as a digital sculptor. I have been disabled for 12 years, and live on a pension. I painted with the material for a few years, and as I weakened I went back to digital creation, and fell in love with it again. wonderful world. My main concern is the creation of unconventional characters, because i am not interested in imitating reality. Wants to bring the audience closer to the exceptions, hoping they will love the other, the different.

Didi Smadar 1

My childhood, in addition to the undeveloped technology, was very difficult due to the house where I grew up. I guess this is reflecting my creative choices. It is important for me to create beauty from the pain as well. Very fond of animals, kindness, generosity, art , and always to learn and  develop.

                                                                                 wipHugging 2 1

                                                   sweet normal character to  show that i can..

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This year, for several months I worked on a learning machine. You can see some of the images here

Some animations and NFT works here

Thank you for your visit.

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